How to Sell Your Idea in 7+1 Steps - Create your Perfect Pitch to raise Millions $$ of funding

WITHOUT spending hundreds of hours on boring Powerpoint slides!

  • Learn how successful entrepreneurs & founders prepare to pitch and raise millions of $$
  • Get the experience of 12.400+ evaluated pitches by "The European Speaker" - Florian Mueck.
  • Break out and stick with your idea and yourself out of the gray mass of boring, unpersuasive pitches


Picture the biggest goal in your professional life. I'm not kidding in claiming that Florian will help you to get there. Thanks to his unique synthesis of the world of public speaking, pitching, and communication in general. He's the kind of coach who always smiles while gently pushing and annoying you. Only for one reason: to go from 99% to 100%. He made me reach 100%. Florian is the coach you need to win the Champions League of communication.
We had two days with Flo – and they were amazing, entertaining, exceptional, emotional, passionate and outside my comfort zone … BRILLIANT! This was definitely the best training I ever had in my professional career. Thank you so much.
This online training is not a training. This training is an experience. It has logos, ethos, pathos; it is so full of energy and fun and it is the best team-building without being called team-building. Forget about taking notes, just listen and let yourself immerse. What Flo delivers will go straight into your hearts, souls, and minds. Many thanks, Flo. Looking forward to the next time we spend together.
Florian struck a very important chord at our international conference. Accountants have great messages to deliver and simply need the confidence, enthusiasm and comfort being slightly outrageous to make a difference through informing, motivating and entertaining our audience. Thank you Florian for sharing your contagious enthusiasm for public speaking through your inspiring presentations and discussions!
Florian has helped me become a better communicator on my climb with him to "the mountain without a peak". In my job I communicate more than 90% of the time, so his mentoring has an extremely high impact. I don't know any trainer with more energy.
After several years of sharing experiences with Florian, I’ve learned that he’s one of those people able to create the right environment to make you act, to get you to the start line and to make you face your limits. It’s not only about fun or excitement; it’s about changing and keeping that change with you. Thanks Florian for all your effort and great advice.

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